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What is SIP phone and what is the difference between SIP phone and Web Phone ?

SIP Phone is a broadband telephone service we offer using VoIP (Voice over IP) technology. You can use any SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) compatible phone adapter or a "softphone" - a program which turns your personal computer into a powerful VoIP client or any mobile phone with software to support SIP. Web Phone is Flash-based and you use flash-enabled browser to make call. SIP Phone is SIP-based and you use SIP-enabled device or software to make call.

Why Web/SIP rate is different with different plan ?

For Web/SIP Phone, we use "Least Cost Routing (LCR)" to route a call to the carrier offering the lowest cost route to that destination. SIP Phone rates are updated weekly and subject to change without notice. For higher plan, we use preselected high quality routes from Class A providers and rates are not updated very frequently.

Why is the call rate been charged different with the rate I search online occasionally?

Our system automatically selects the least cost route to reach the number you dialed. But if this route is not currently available (which is very unlikely), then the next route will be chosen. We do the best to complete your call using the least cost route. However, you can set "Max Route" under SIP Phone to define how many time your call will be routed to the next route if one route fails. The value is from 1 to 5 and the default value is 3. Go to "Search Rate" of "SIP Phone" to check all available routes and rates before you make call to one new country or area.

What kind of devices we can use for SIP Phone services and How to setup ?

Different SIP clients (hardware SIP phones, ATAs and software ones) have different configuration screens, but all have a common set of configuration parameters. For username and password below, you can find in your page "SIP PHONE".

SIP server (or proxy, or domain)
SIP proxy (or "Outbound Proxy") leave blank
Username (or User ID) username
Password password
Display Name Your name

Here is the list of some devices or softwares which support to make SIP call.

SoftPhone for Windows XP/Vista/7Hardward Phone Adapter
  • X-Lite softphone    (Settings)    (Download)
  • Zoiper SIP softphone    (Settings)    (Download).
  • 3CXPhone softphone    (Settings)    (Download).
  • Eyebeam softphone.
  • Ekiga softphone    (Download).
  • PortGo softphone    (Settings)    (Download)
  • PCBest ActiveX softphone.
  • Express Talk Business softphone.
  • QuteCom softphone.   (Download)

  • SoftPhone for Linux

  • Ekiga softphone    (Download).
  • Twinkle softphone.
  • Empathy IM.

  • SoftPhone for Mac OS X

  • Telephone.   (Download).
  • X-Lite

  • SIP on Mobile Phone

  • LinPhone for iPhone    (Settings)    (Download)
  • AdorePhone for iPhone.   (Settings)    (Download)
  • Native SIP Client for Android    (Settings)
  • Sipdroid for Android    (Settings)    (Download)
  • Imsdroid for Android    (Download)
  • LinPhone for Android    (Download)
  • LinPhone for Blackberry    (Download)
  • AdorePhone for Symbian Mobile Phones    (Download)
  • Express Talk for Windows Mobile Phones    (Download)
  • Nokia E/N/XpressMusic/Navigator    (Settings)    (Download)
  • Linksys PAP2    (Settings).
  • Linksys PAP2T (fw 5.1.1).
  • Siemens Gigaset IP/VOIP Phone.
  • Linksys SPA-2102 / Sipura SPA-2000
  • Linksys SPA-3102 / Sipura SPA-3000    (Settings).
  • Linksys WIP300.
  • Linksys WRTP54g.
  • Cisco ATA-186.
  • Cisco-7960
  • Cisco-79x1.
  • Polycom Soundpoint 330/660    (Settings)
  • Polycom Soundpoint 450/560    (Settings)
  • Snom 1xx/2xx/3xx    (Settings)
  • Grandstream BudgeTone 100    (Settings)
  • Grandstream GXP2000/GXW4004.
  • Grandstream HT-286    (Settings)
  • Grandstream HT-486    (Settings)
  • Telco Systems AC-211.
  • Innomedia MTA6328-2Re.
  • Zoom 5801.
  • VTech IP8100.
  • Thomson ST780 WL.
  • FRITZ!Box 7140,7270.
  • Aastra 51i.
  • DrayTek Vigor 2700V* series.
  • UTStarcom F1000/iAN-02EX.

  • WiFi SIP Phone

  • Zyxel P2000W V2.
  • Zyxel MAX-206M2.
  • I am in HongKong now (I use Xten softphone on my laptop computer), how should I dial a number to call my friend in Europe?

    It does not matter where you are, always dial country_code+area_code+number. You have to dial 44-XXXXXXXXXX to reach a UK phone number or 33-XXXXXXXX to a France number. For calling USA number, do not forget to dial 1 first and dial 11 digits, 1-NNN-NNNNNNN

    Does SIP Phone support other languages beside English ?

    Yes. We provide multilingual voice prompts for SIP account in six languages, including English, Spanish, German, French, Russian and Chinese. You can select your preferred language by going to "SIP Settings" under "SIP Phone".

    What is the difference between standard, premium and gold plans ?

    Standard plan is ideal for price-oriented services with a focus on keeping rates low. Premium plan is a quality-focused route ideal for consumer services which all routes are very reliable. Gold Plan is the best and deliver CLI to all destinations where CLI is supported. You can switch your rate plan in "SIP Account Settings" of "SIP Phone" and go to "Search Rate" to input your destination number to check your rate list in your new rate plan.

    What is SIP Dial Mode ? How to change ?

    No Prefix
    Dial country code + area code + local number for all phone numbers.
    For example, you dial 1213-915-XXXX for one USA number or dial 0044-1226-261-XXXX for one UK number.

    Auto Prefix Mode
    Dial 00 or 011 for international calls. No need to dial country code for local number
    For example, if you choose USA as local country code, you dial 213-915-XXXX for one USA number or dial 01144-1226-261-XXXX for one UK number.

    What is "Direct Call" and how does it work ?

    Direct Call is you call destination number from your home phone or cellphone. Everything is over the phone, no internet needed

    All you need to do is to go to "Direct Call", then register your number (one time only) and call one of our access number, then dial the destination number directly. You also can set up speed dial like 0# for 85221818888, then you can easily dial 0# after dialing local access number to reach that number.

    This service is still in beta, the access number is only available in USA/Canada now. numbers in other countries will be added soon. Keep tuned.

    What is "SIP Call on Web" and how to use it ?

    "SIP Call on Web" can let you to make a phone call directly on web page. You don't need to install any software or plugin. no java or flash needed. All you need is to allow browser to use your microphone before your make a phone call. At this moment, SIP Call via browser is only available in chrome stable and firfox nightly. Login your account and go to "SIP Phone" -> "SIP Call on Web". Then click the button "Register" to connect your browser with our server, then input your phone number and make call, one small line will pop-up in the top of browser to ask permission to use microphone, once you allow it, your call will get connected.

    This service is based on webrtc and html5. Please check here for more details.