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Popular Destinations Phone Rate
Canada 0.80¢
Mexico Guadalajara 0.90¢
Brazil Sao Paulo 0.90¢
United Kingdom 0.90¢
Argentina Buenos Aires 0.90¢
Peru Lima 1.00¢
Romania 1.00¢
United States 1.00¢
Israel 1.00¢
Germany 1.00¢
Spain 1.00¢
China Shanghai 1.00¢
Australia 1.02¢
South Africa 1.20¢
Taiwan 1.23¢   ↑
India Mobile 1.24¢   ↓
Russia Moscow 1.26¢
Japan 1.49¢   ↓
Malaysia 1.57¢   ↓
Indonesia Jakarta 2.15¢
Hong Kong Mobile 2.25¢
Bangladesh 2.70¢
Pakistan Mobile 4.64¢
Saudi Arabia 8.87¢
Egypt Mobile 9.21¢   ↑
Philippines 10.91¢

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    WebPhone and SIPPhone come together now. One balance and one rate for both !
    Get phone number from 60+ countries and forward it to your local landline or cellphone.
    Special Offer: just one dollar per month, you can have an USA number
    Buy an unlimited call plan to make unlimited calls to USA/Canada.(an US number included)
    Paypal, CreditCard, MoneyBookers, Bank Transfer, Western Union supported