New App Version 9.01 launched (02/06/2023)

• New UI and options have been added for US/Canada phone numbers purchase.

• Phone number recovery and online form have been enhanced.

• Bug-fixes and performance improved.

Vietnam phone numbers available (01/10/2023)

We have Vietnam phone numebrs available. Just provide any govenment-issued photo ID or passport worldwide. You can have Vietnam local phone numbers, for example, 24 Hanoi or 28 Ho Chi Minh.

India phone numbers available (12/22/2022)

We have India phone numebrs available. Just provide contact name and contact number of address of the end user worldwide. You can have India local phone numbers almost all over of the whole India.

New App Version 8.21 launched (09/27/2022)

• Dialpad UI has been improved for new OS and phone device.

• Added QR Code Scan for easy login from app to the website.

New App Version 8.10 launched (05/07/2022)

• New phone number request form has been added.

• Bug fixed and performance improvements.

New App Version 8.00 launched (03/21/2022)

• Added new tabs for phone numbers with different features like voice calls or sms or toll-free phone numbers.

• You can create customized IVR greeting for certain phone numbers.

• Removing account has been supported upon account's request.

New App Version 7.53 launched (11/09/2021)

• User interface improvements for phone number request form.

• Performance and UI Tuning for new OS and new phone devices.

New App Version 7.50 launched (09/08/2021)

• Phone numbers can be purchased for countries/regions not showing real phone numbers.

• New form has been added for regulation change in certain countries.

New App Version 7.40 launched (08/06/2021)

• The phone number request form of certain countries has been improved.

• More choices for Special Offer phone numbers purchase.

New App Version 7.20 launched (05/25/2021)

• Phone Plans can be activated instantly after purchase for most countries.

• More Special Offer phone numbers have been added.

New App Version 7.10 launched (04/22/2021)

• Added more phone plans to cover more countries.

• Performance and UI improvements and bug fixes.

New App Version 7.01 launched (04/01/2021)

• Added more choices for Special Offer phone numbers.

• Added Phone number Recover and Phone number Lookup.

• Support quick send in SMS sending interface.

• The contact list interfaces have been improved.

New App Version 6.25 launched (12/11/2020)

• User Interface improvements for document upload.

• bug fixes and network connection improvements.

New App Version 6.10 launched (09/14/2020)

• Choose SMS sender number automatically for customers with multiple SMS-enabled phone numbers.

• New function added to test notification delivery.

• Bug fixed and network connection improved.

New App Version 6.00 launched (07/10/2020)

• More area code and area name choices and more hints in phone number purchase.

• Added more content types for SMS multimedia receiving.

• Bug fixed and interface improved.

New App Version 5.00 launched (12/18/2019)

• Sending SMS interface has been redesigned and improved.

• Message can be embed with link to guide you to other common functions.

• Document request form has been improved for phone number with document requirments.

• Bug fixes and lots of improvements.

New App Version 4.30 launched (09/04/2019)

• Added new filters to search phone numbers and filter by Voice/SMS/Toll-Free/Registration etc.

• Call Forwarding and Call Block function have been added to every virtual phone number.

• Bug fixed and interface improvements.

New App Version 3.90 launched (01/11/2019)

• Six more languages supported - Dutch, Greek, Polish, Romainan, Swedish, Ukrainain.

• User interface to display voice ringtone and SMS ringtone has been enhanced.

• Detail description has been added for SMS sending interface.


If you have any questions about using our app, please go to "Contact Us" to leave message to us or write email to support@talktt.com . We will get back to you as soon as possible. Thanks.