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What is the minimum payment for webphone or sipphone service ?

The minimum required credit purchase is USD $10 .

Which payment methods do you accept ?

We accept credit card payments with Paypal, CreditCard, Moneybookers or you can wire the money to our bank account or pay via Western Union. Paypal is one of the most preferred online payment processor all over the world. CreditCard and Moneybookers are also a very popular online payment methods and are available in a lot of countries and it supports domestic funding options in over 200 countries. All of those international users who are not eligible for a Paypal account could give a try them.

Is there any transaction fee for purchases ?

We do not charge any Tax. However, in order to offer you the lowest rate, a small PayPal/CreditCard/MoneyBookers transaction fee is deducted for amount of USD 20 and less. No fee will be charged for higher amounts.

What is a billing unit to make call?

60 seconds.

I made a payment one hour ago, but my account balance does not reflect the payment!

It could take a few hours to days to apply the payment to a new account, we delay the account funding to prevent service fraud. After being with us for 2 months, the credit you purchase will be instantly available in your account.

What is Web Account ? what is SIP Account ? Can I transfer credits between accounts ?

Web Account has credits that you make calls or send SMS all on our web site. SIP Account has credits that you make calls with your SIP compatible Phones. You can have both these two accounts under your email address and credits can be transferred between accounts.

Does my account credit expire ?

Your account will be inactive and credits will expire after 365 days of inactivity and you will get an email 30 days before your credits would expire reminding you that you should keep your account active. Do any of the following and your credit balance will be active for another 365 days:

- Call any phone (landline or mobile) - even if the call lasts for just one second.
- Send an SMS message direct from web page.
- Purchase a virtual phone number or calling plan.
- use VPN to go online

Are there any other fees?

No! We provide cheap call services from online. For our services, No connection fees, No Service Fees, No Tax, No hidden fee, 1 minute rounding. You only pay for the calls you make. If you talk more than 15 minutes for web call, you can even pay less.

What is "Phone to Phone Call" ? What are the charges if I use it ?

"Phone to Phone Call" will create a callback between two parties. It will call your number and then call your friend's number and then bridge both the calls. There are two call-legs ( to you and to destination) and hence regular call rates will apply to the both call legs.

Do we offer wholesales services for voip traffic termination ?

Yes. We offer wholesale A-Z termination rates to VoIP service providers. Wholesale rates are billed 6/6 USA and Canada, 60/60 Mexico and 1/1 to most of other destinations. For wholesales customers, we have dedicated server for them and they can send traffic by using our default LCR to terminate calls or specify one special trunk to send traffic. To become one wholesales customer, your monthly spending with us is at least $100. Please contact us at for more details about our wholesales business.