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Do I need to install any software to make webphone call ?

No, infact, that's the beauty of it. All you need to do is use your flash-enabled Browser (IE, Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Safari etc) to access WebPhone and call anyone throughout the world. Whether you are calling from home, office or a cyber-cafe in London, it's all the same.

How to Dial an International Number by WebPhone ?

Determine the country code and city code of the person you are trying to call. Dial Country Code + City Code + Number. Numbers without a city code by simply dialing Country Code + Local Number. No Zero or 011 needed to dial before country code.

WebPhone isn't connecting for me anymore. What could be wrong?

Check your credit balance in case you are making calls to a phone number. If the credit balance is insufficient, then that could be a possibly be the problem. If you are making a call which enough credit, then please check your mic and speakers. Our intelligent algorithm waits for the mic to detech some sound before placing a call to ensure that no unncessary calls are placed.
Because of high volume of web calls, whenever WebPhone shows "Calling", but no sound, you may either click "call" button to hung up the call or refresh the web page, then dial again.

Why does WebPhone ask for microphone access permission?

WebPhone needs to access the microphone available on your computer. Privacy settings let you specify whether you want WebPhone to have such access. Please select "Allow" option so that WebPhone can use your computer's microphone.

How can I change my microphone device and volume?

Usually you do not have to change the microphone device or volume as it will be selected automatically by the WebPhone. In case you like to change, just right click on WebPhone and click on Settings menu item. Now select Microphone icon from the tabs in the bottom and select appropriate device. To change the volume, slide the slider to the desired volume setting.

My company has a firewall that blocks PC based phones. Will WebPhone still work?

Yes, that's one of the unique benefits of WebPhone. To put it simply, if you can browse the web from your PC, you will be able to use WebPhone. Go ahead, try it out.

It seems balance of web phone decreases more than what I expect when call is ongoing. Why ?

This happens and it's normal. By default, Our platform needs to reserve some credits before placing the call to ensure that sufficient credits are available. These 'reserved' credits are freed once the call ends and only the charges for the actual duration of the call are applied to user's account