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What is VPN ? Why VPN ?

VPN is a 128-bit encrypted tunnel between your device ( PC, Macs, iPhone, iPad, Android, Smart Phones ) and one of our servers.
If you want a total Internet traffic anonymizing experience, a VPN account is the best way to go – there is no IP numbers to configure into the webapps, and no software to install – just set up the VPN and it’s done!

Some benefits of using our VPN service.

  • Get a SAFE and ENCRYPTED connection between your computer and the Internet
  • Provides a 128bit Strong Encryption that prevents even your ISP from spying on you
  • Works with Wi-Fi and when you travel
  • Compatible with Skype and other VOIP software
  • Unblock websites and applications restricted by your country, ISP or company
  • Prevents HARASSMENT caused by people tracking you by your IP address

How do I get a VPN Account and start to use ?

Go to the Buy Credits page to buy VPN credits. Then go to the VPN page to choose one plan. For first-time customer, it takes from a few hours to days to setup VPN account. We will keep you posted once account is ready. If you are our existing WebPhone or SIPPhone customers, you also can transfer your web or sip credits to VPN account.

What VPN Plans we offer ?

We offer a great range of plans below to suit a variety of needs about our VPN services. After you have VPN credits, you can go to VPN to choose one plan. The plan will be instantly available after you choose one online. Then you can start to use it.

Unlimited Plan
1 Month - $6.95 - Unlimited
2 Month - $13.5 - Unlimited
3 Month - $20.0 - Unlimited
6 Month - $36.95 - Unlimited
1 Year - $69.95 - Unlimited

1 Month Limited Plan
$ 1.00 = 2GB traffic
$ 3.00 = 10GB traffic
$ 5.00 = 20GB traffic

1 Year Limited Plan
$ 1.00 = 1GB traffic
$ 3.00 = 5GB traffic
$ 6.00 = 10GB traffic

With 1GB per month, you can view 100 web pages a day or send or receive 100 emails a day or 15 hours VOIP calls.
With 3GB per month, you can view 200 web pages a day or send or receive 200 emails a day or 45 hours VOIP calls or stream 50 minutes of music or video a week.

What type of VPN connection are you providing ?

We provide PPTP, L2TP IPSec VPN services. Our VPN services are a simple and very effective method to add a reasonable amount of privacy and security to your Internet usage. If you participate in peer-to-peer (P2P) networks, IRC chat rooms, online games or Voip services or have the desire to keep your web surfing then you will find our service extremely valuable.

Are there any specific System Requirements ?

You don't need a high end system. Normal home use machines are enough. No additional software is required to use our VPN service as we utilize the VPN feature already in your operating system. Once you signup, we will send you all the VPN account information required to set up a connection to our servers and you are set.
Please refer to the documents below for VPN setup in most popular operating systems.

  • Windows XP    (Settings)
  • Windows Vista/7    (Settings)
  • Mac OS    (Settings)
  • iPhone/iPad    (Settings)
  • Android    (Settings)
  • Linux    (Settings)
  • Windows XP    (Settings)
  • Windows Vista/7    (Settings)
  • Mac OS    (Settings)
  • iPhone/iPad    (Settings)
  • Android    (Settings)
  • Linux    (Settings)
  • Does it also protect other protocols like ICQ, Mail or FTP ?

    Once you are connected to our VPN server, all programs use a virtual network interface, which protects all programs that access internet on your computer. It's far more safer and effective than a regular proxy.

    Will VPN slow down my system or internet connection?

    No, generally you won't notice any slowness.

    Can I use your VPN instead of my current ISP connection?

    No, you need existing (Cable, DSL, dial up, Satellite, etc) internet connection to be able to use VPN service.

    I’m using your VPN service, why I’m still unable to access certain web sites like

    There are two situations:

    • First, make sure you have access to unblocked websites. For example, can you open
    • If not, there is problem with your network, try to check your network settings then connect to VPN again.
    • If the is accessible, but some websites like still have problems

    • it’s probably due to “DNS cache poisoning” ( For example, in some countries a lot of ISP DNS servers are poisoned, you cannot blocked websites even using our VPN. The workaround is: change the DNS settings of your computer and device to Google’s free DNS server: and, then connecting our VPN and try again.