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What is unlimited call plan ? Why need I buy it ?

With unlimited call plan, you can make unlimited calls* to landlines and mobiles in USA/Canada for one low monthly fee $9.95, landlines and mobiles in USA/Canada/China/Hong Kong/Singapore for one low monthly fee $24.95, landlines and mobiles in USA/Canada/India for one low monthly fee $29.95. You can call any time of the day or night, any day of the week, and there’s no long-term contract.

If you order any of our plans prepaid 6 months (183 days), you will get one dollar discount per month. If you order any of our plans prepaid 12 months (365 days), you will get two dollars discount per month. For unlimited calling plan to USA/Canada, monthly fee will be $8.95 for six months prepaid and $7.95 for 12 months prepaid.

You can have both a plan and TalkTT Credit – that way you can use TalkTT Credit to pay for calls to other countries and mobile phones that are not covered by your plan. The unlimited plan only applies to SIP (Voip) calls. Web Calls are not included.

What other features does my plan come with?

When you buy a plan, you can either get one pre-selected phone number for free or get a discount on any phone Number. If you choose pre-selected phone number, your number will never expired as long as you have plan with you.

How do I get a plan?

Go to Buy Plan to buy it. To use the plan, you need to buy at least $20 credits to start.
$10 credit after a small transaction fee is not enough to pay the plan. We suggest you to buy more than $30 to avoid any transaction fee.

Which numbers can I call with my plan?

See Dial prefix list for all prefixes which covered in your plan.

Can I change or cancel my plan ?

You can cancel your plan at any time. However you can’t switch plan and you have to cancel it first.
Please note: if you cancel your plan, it will run to the end of the plan period. For example, if you have a monthly plan and you cancel it, it will continue to run until the end of the current billing cycle.

How do I renew a plan?

Plan payments are recurring, so you don’t need to renew your plan. Please keep enough SIP balance in your account.

What is the fair usage policy for unlimited calling plan ?

Our unlimited calling plan is for individual use only. Each plan is to be used by one person only and is not to be shared with any other individual, whether via a PBX, call centre, computer or any other means.
*A fair usage policy applies to unlimited plan.

Can I buy one Voip device from talktt ?

No. We don't sell Voip device. You need to get one Voip device by yourself, like Linksys PAP2T or SPA3102. It's very easy to get one from Ebay, Amazon or craigslist.