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What virtual/dedicated servers are available to order at this time ?

All dedicated servers are based on the latest CPU and hardware. It can support hundreds to thousands of calls in production.
High end servers: E3-1270v2 (4core 8HT) and Dual E5-2620 (6core 24HT) * all comes with SSD Disk
Low end servers: Xeon i3-3220 and Dual Xeon L5420
Virtual servers: 1 cpu/2G Memory/200G SATA Disk
For more details, please login your account and go to "Hosting" to see the full list of servers and their prices.

What makes talktt hosting services so cheap and special ?

Cheap dedicated server hosting from talktt provides you with single-minded care at a price you can afford. Unlike other shared hosting plans, there is no sharing of bandwidth and space with other companies. This results in smoother running applications, which are essential to attracting and holding on to consumers. With large enterprise applications, a dedicated server will keep the site functioning properly even when traffic is elevated at peak hours during the day. With our dedicated hosting solutions you will benefit from the following features

  • Cheap dedicated server prices with enterprise level hosting services and support
  • Dedicated ip addresse(s) for your website or application
  • Customization capabilities to allow you to make changes to the server as you need to
  • Guaranteed bandwidth so you don't ever have to worry about running out of bandwidth.

The biggest reason to choose dedicated server hosting is the bandwidth guarantee. Running out of bandwidth can slow down site access or make it inaccessible. With guaranteed bandwidth from talktt, customers will always be able to access your website when they want to.

Why do we offer SSD disk instead of normal HDD for high end server ? How good is it?

Our Solid State Drives (SSD) offer I/O Rates and access times that are impossible to achieve with a traditional disk based system. Solid State Drives (SSD) are ideal for high availability softswitch and call center applications because I/O wait times and bottlenecks will be virtually eliminated and your servers processing power and bandwidth will be fully utilized. SSD customers can achieve faster server performance and database access thereby increasing the performance of their entire application.

How can I sign up for hosting services and order one server?

If you don't have account with us before, go to Sign up and choose "Hosting" as your default services and sign up with us. Now you will be "Hosting" to fill all required fields. Your hosting account will be ready. Now you choose one servers in the left and follow the instruction to make an order. If you have account with us, just go to "Hosting" to do the same thing.

How long does it take to set up a server?

After completing your server order, it generally takes 24-48 hours until your server is available. You will receive an e-mail to the e-mail address used during signing up when the server is ready.