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Sipdroid SIP Settings on Android for SIPPhone Call

Now you can enjoy crystal-clear phone calls over the Internet using any Android phone.

Andorid SIP client application sipdroid enables customers to make very cheap phone calls to anyone else in the world from your mobile phone.

Android VoIP phones works wherever you have access to the internet via Wi-Fi or over 3G / 4G.

Click here to learn more about TalkTT mobile voip services.

Which Android phones does sipdroid work on?

Mobile VoIP brings VoIP to mass-market mobile phones with any unlocked Android phone. Some of the Android phones on the market are;

Google Nexus One, Passion / Bravo, GW880, Xperia X10a, Eve / GW620, Eris / Desire, One, Streak, Calgary / Motus, Liquid / A1, Moment,, Behold II, DROID / Milestone, Archos Phone, CLIQ / DEXT, O1, Spica / Galaxy Lite / i5700, Pulse, Mini 3i, Sprint Hero, Tattoo, Hero, Galaxy / i7500, Magic / myTouch 3G, Dream / G1

Installation and Configuration

You can download free Android VoIP app Sipdroid clicking here.

You can also find the latest version of Sipdroid at Android Market or here.

1.) Install the Sipdroid app for your Android phone, open the application and go to SIP Account Settings.


2.) Enter the following information;


Authorization User Name: 555xxxxxxx (Instead of 555xxxxxxx account number example, use the account number assigned to you - e.g. 5551231234- when signed up for TalkTT service. )

Password: Enter the password that you chose when you signed up for the service.

Server :


Once it is registered to TalkTT servers you are ready to make calls;

For international calls, dial the country code and phone number, then press the green button. For domestic U.S. calls, just dial 1 + the area code and number then the green button.