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LinPhone SIP Settings on iPhone for SIPPhone Call

Now you can enjoy crystal-clear phone calls over the Internet using iPhone with TalkTT.

LinPhone for iPhone is a free Softhone that allows you to speak over Internet with LinPhone for iPhone to any conventional landline and mobile phones. LinPhone is now available on the App Store making it easy for anyone to use linphone for free on the original iPhone, iPhone 3G or iPod touch.

Click here to download LinPhone for your iPhone.

After click on LinPhone icon, the main dialer screen will be open as Shown below. Now the connection status will be service unavailable before registration.

iphone voip configuration


Go to Home Screen of iPhone and tap Settings button as Shown Below.

iphone voip configuration


Find LinPhone in the list and tap it. The following screen appears: In the "Domain" enter In the "User Name:" and "Password:" fields enter your TalkTT SIP Account username and SIP Account Password respectively.

iphone voip configuration


Go back LinPhone application and now you are logged into your TalkTT SIP account and should now be able to make outgoing calls through TalkTT service now.