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Each country and/or DID provider has different requirements for documentation.

  • China
    • Name / Business Name , Telephone Number , Address
    • What is the application for which DID numbers will be used? Also an address in China
    • Clear copy of passport preferably China-issued photo ID.

  • France
    • contact sales or customer service.

  • Germany
    • contact sales or customer service.

  • Ireland
    • ID Card copy , Name , Local address , Local City , Local Post Code

  • Pakistan
    • A local NIC number (national ID number)OR a Passport scanned copy of the end user from any country.

  • Singapore
    • Address and the Passport copy for the end user; Passport copy can be from any where

  • Hong Kong
    • Vendor Order ID 701371 need customers to upload Passport Copy of End User who will be using his DID number

  • Malaysia
    • End-user's government issued photo ID from any country they reside in.

  • Switzerland
    • Valid address for Switzerland and Passport copy for end user; Passport copy can be from anywhere.

  • Japan
    • I order to buy DIDs of Tokyo,Japan need to have local Japanese passport of the end user.

  • United Kingdom
    • All buyers of 087x and 070x UK DID purchased on us are subject to compliance with the statement from provider.