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How do I get a permanent phone number to receive call?

We offer permanent phone numbers from 60+ countries at very low monthly rate. You can buy DIDs (Direct Inward Dialing Number) for your SIP adapter/softphone/mobile or do call forwarding to your existing landline or cellphone or even Skype.

We provide a fully accessible DID database online where you can search DID number from 60+ countries and pick ones you like and buy them online. Please sign up and login our web site, then go to BUY NUMBER, then choose Country List on the left dropdown list and Area code List on the right dropdown list, you will see the DID numbers available to purchase.

What country and area we provide virtual phone number at this moment ?

United States, Canada, Argentina, Brazil, Mexico, China, Hong Kong, United Kingdom, France, Germany, Italy, Saudi Arabia, Spain, Japan, Israel, Greece, Philippines, Chile, Australia, Austria, Costa Rica, Denmark, Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Ireland, Cyprus, Finland, Bulgaria, Hungary, Lithuania, Latvia, Belarus, Andorra, Ukraine, Croatia, Romania, Switzerland, Sweden, Poland, Guatemala, El Salvador, Panama, Peru, Colombia, Venezuela, Malaysia, New Zealand, Singapore, Thailand, Viet Nam, Turkey, Pakistan, Iraq, Palestine, United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Azerbaijan, Anguilla, Dominican Republic, Jamaica, Trinidad and Tobago, South Africa, Nigeria, Algeria, Morocco, Mauritius, Kazakhstan, Kenya, Namibia

How to activate the Voice Mail box and How do I access my voice mail box ?

Login into your account, go to "SIP Phone", then go "SIP Settings" and choose "Enable" for Voice Mail and click "Update", your Voice Mail box will be activated right away. To access your mail box, you should connect SIP phone or softphone to our system and dial *9 to hear new voice mail. Whenever you receive one voice mail, we will send you one email to inform you. Voice Mail is totally free, however only customer who has successfully purchased DID number can enable voice mail box.

Can I order one 1800 / Toll-Free number from US or other countries ?

We do provide US 1800/1866/1877/1888 toll free numbers, also many toll free numbers from over 10 countries, you can order it online and do the forwarding which can ring ANYWHERE in the world on your landline or your cell, mobile or hand phone.

Can DID number receive SMS ?

We do provide some SMS-enabled DIDs to our customers and currently we have DIDs from USA (Los Angeles and San Diego ) and UK which can receive incoming SMS. You can receive SMS by email or forward SMS to your cellphone.

Can DID number receive FAX ?

Yes. However. not all DID numbers can receive FAX, only certain DID numbers can work as one FAX number to receive incoming FAX. You will receive one email with FAX attachment when a fax is received. Fax sending is not supported yet.

Can I cancel my DID number ?

You can cancel your DID number at any time. Login your account and go to "SIP Phone" and choose the DID number you want to cancel, then click the link "Cancel DID" in the bottom of right panel of the page. Please note: if you cancel one new DID number in the first 24 hours of purchase time, you will get refund, otherwise it will run to the end of the the current monthly billing cycle.

Do I need to provide any documents to get one DID number ?

You do not need to provide anything for most of countries or DID providers. However there are some countries or DID providers who have documents requirements. some ask government issued photo ID and some ask one local address provided. You can go to here to get more details.Please contact us online or by email if you have any questions.