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TalkTT app launched on both App Store and Google Play

We have official app in both App Store and Google Play Store named TalkTT now. It supports both outgoing and incoming calls and text message if you have virtual phone number with us. After you download it, just use the same login email and password on talktt web site to login app.

Multi Credit Card supported

Now we not only accept credit card payment, but also accept multiple credit card from customer. Every credit card with successful transaction will be saved by our backend credit card vendor automatically for future use. Customer can pick from multiple saved credit card and choose to pay with one click without input detail card information.

New Web Phone launched

We combile WebPhone and SIPPhone with one balance and one rate for both. Easy quick phone book has been added too. Web Phone will use Flash on IE/Safari and WebRTC on Chrome/Firefix if WebRTC is supported.

Online meeting launched

You can create online meeting to support 10 or 25 attendees which enables you to share documents (PDF and any office document), webcams, chat, audio and your desktop. It can also record sessions for later playback.

VPN Unlimited Plan launched with OpenVPN supported

You can buy unlimited VPN Plan with just $6.95 per month with Multiple Servers supported. We also support OpenVPN now. You can choose any protocol or device you like to use our VPN services, no matter PPTP on windows XP/7/8, L2TP/IPSec on OS X/iOS/Andriod or any OpenVPN compatible client.

Make SIP call via browser.

You can make sip call in web page via browser, no need to install any software or plugin, no java or flash needed. It's based on browser built-in open standards like webrtc and html5, it's only available in chrome stable or firefox nightly at this moment.

New hosting services launched.

We start to offer powerful/reliable dedicated servers to our customers with very competitive price. We provide you with Linux, Windows, or a VoIP operating system of your choice. The server is entirely dedicated to you. You can choose from a variety of CPU and hard disk options including the new and very fast solid state SSD drives. Don't delay, start hosting your services with us today!

New phone services "direct call" launched.

You can call destination number from your home phone or cellphone via calling one of several public access number. Everything is over the phone, no internet or network needed ( This service is still in beta, the access number is only available in USA/Canada now. numbers in other countries will be added soon. Keep tuned. )

New Facebook Page for TalkTT.

We have opened new facebook page at here. Go to the page and like us, you have chance to win credit each month.

New great auto dialer/call center routes.

We have great auto dialer/call center routes to many countries, include but not limited to USA/Canada/China/UK/Australia/India/Russia/Thailand/South Korea/Japan etc. Huge capacity available and good DTMF and direct routes.

We added Google Checkout to our payment option.

More controls have been given to customer about SIP account settings.

Customers can choose SIP plan between Standard/Premium/Gold and Dial mode between Normal,USA/Canada, Normal without prompt, Disable and update SIP password. All change will take effect immediately.

New wholesale plan launched.

We offer new wholesale plan to our wholesale customers. Dedicated Server, Lower A-Z rate, Specify route to terminate calls, New bill unit, detail CDR report etc.

VPN service has been launched.

DID call forwarding improvement.

DID can be forwarded to more than one SIP device and DID can be forwarded to Skype now.

We launched unlimited calling plans for unlimited calls to selected countries.

A pay-monthly plan is available which lets our customers to make unlimited* calls to "USA and Canada" or "USA and Canada and China" or "USA and Canada and India". The plan also has one DID number included for free. More plans will be added in the future.

We begin to provide some SMS-enabled DIDs to our customer.

currently we have DIDs from USA (Los Angeles and San Diego ) and UK which can receive incoming SMS. You can receive SMS by email or forward SMS to your cellphone.

Add Voice Mail function for all customers with DID numbers.

Customers can enable their voice mail online for their DID numbers and receive one email whenever one voice mail has been received.

Multilingual Voice Prompt ( six languages supported ) for our SIP account.

Provide multilingual voice prompts for SIP account in six languages, including English, Spanish, German, French, Russian and Chinese. Customers can select their preferred language by going to "SIP Settings" under "SIP Phone".

Beside Paypal, we add a new online payment method Moneybookers .

Moneybookers is also a very popular online payment method and is available in a lot of countries and it supports domestic funding options in over 200 countries. All of those international users who are not eligible for a Paypal account could give a try to Moneybookers..

Provide an option for SIP customers to remove voice prompt.

We offer an option to our SIP customers to remove voice prompt about the balance and minutes before they dial destination number.

Add mailing address verification for online customers to have large purchase.

Provide DID numbers to receive calls or do call forwarding.

We offer permanent phone numbers from 60+ countries at very low monthly rate. You can buy DIDs (Direct Inward Dialing Number) for your SIP adapter/softphone/mobile or do call forwarding to your existing landline or cellphone.

Provide balance transfer function between your accounts.

You can transfer your balance between SIP account and WEB account all by yourself and use it right after the transfer.

Adopt HTTPS SSL certificate to whole web site

Switching the whole web site to one fully encrypted site demonstrates to our customer that we are a truly secure website, and that we are able to provide them with the highest level of online trust and confidence.

Launch SIP Phone services to our customers.

You can use any SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) compatible phone adapter or a "softphone" - a program which turns your personal computer into a powerful VoIP client or any mobile phone with software to support SIP to make calls to any phone worldwide.

Provide Easy Dial function based on WEB Phone services to our customers.

You can save up to 5 phone numbers in your easy dial boxes. After you save the number and name, you can just get the name on the easy dial box and dial the number by one click on it.

Add mobile verification for online customers to get credits instantly.

Launch WEB Phone services to our customers.

You can use your any flash-enabled Browser (IE, Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Safari etc) to access WebPhone and call anyone throughout the world. Whether you are calling from home, office or a cyber-cafe in London, it's all the same.