Can I use TalkTT phone number to make and receive call ?

Yes. Most numbers we have support it. You can make and receive calls with our numbers and you even can setup Caller ID if you have multiple phone numbers in your account. Many numbers are charged by one flat monthly fee. So no additional charge per minute when you have incoming call. Some numbers are charged per minute, especial those numbers to support both voice and SMS. So you will be charged per minute when you have incoming call. Some numbers are SMS only and no voice features on it. You can go number detail to know all the information about one number.

Can I use TalkTT phone number to send and receive SMS ?

Yes. However only some phone numbers in some countries support SMS. When you go to number detail screen, you will see whether one number support voice or sms. If "SMS Support" is Yes, it means number supports both SMS sending & receiving with regular phone number, but SMS verifications from Google, Facebook or Bank are not supported. If "SMS Support" is Beta, it means numbers only support SMS receiving and you can't send SMS with number. SMS are all charged by per message. The rate varies based on country and vendor.

Can I use virtual phone number to receive SMS from app or web site like Facebook/Whatsapp/Google/Twitter account ?

Receiving SMS verification from app or web site like Facebook/Whatsapp/Google/Twitter is not guaranteed because some of them use short code to send message to real mobile phone number only, not virtual phone number. If phone number is just used to receive SMS from those app or web site, it is recommended that you go to +1 United States or +1 Canada, any area code, to find phone number with "SMS support" as "Beta", or go to +44 United Kingdom, then 7 -Mobile, to find phone number with "SMS support" as "Yes". Some apps or web sites ( like whatsapp) support to activate account using voice call function instead of SMS. You also can try it too. Please note, nothing is guaranteed here because every app or web site uses own way to decide whether send sms to you or not. Nothing is in our control. Use it at your own risk. You always can contact our support for advise from our app before phone number purchase.

How much does a phone number cost? How does billing work afterwards ?

You'll be charged one time only setup fee and first month fee immediately from the time a phone number has been purchased. Afterwards, you'll be charged a monthly recurring charge on a monthly basis. You can see all price information before you purchase a phone number. (Please note all prices listing in our app are US dollars, App Store or Google Play Store will convert our price to your local currency when you purchase credit from our app) Phone number will be renewed automatically month by month as long as your have enough balance in your account. If renewal date comes, your balance is not enough. Your phone number will be removed automatically. Our system will send you notification in advance. You also can cancel your number anytime after 7 days of your purchase. Thanks.

Not receiving credit after purchase in our app ?

Please try to go purchase the same amount again. If you purchase before and didn't have credit and your credit should be restored to your account without being charged again. Every transaction has one unique transaction ID. Please just keep using the same Apple ID and same device to do purchase again. Thanks

Not receiving phone call after purchase one phone number ?

To receive incoming calls or text messages on your device instantly, go to "Settings->My Number(s)" and choose your phone number and enable "Receive calls/sms" and "Ringtone/alert" and save it on top right corner. Then you will receive on your device right away once there's incoming call or sms. Please also make sure notification is enabled on "Settings"->"Notifications" (the middle link of bottom screen of Settings). Thanks.

Not receiving SMS messages on our virtual phone number ?

Our virtual mobile phone number works well with regular mobile number worldwide. However, Services like Facebook, Whatsapp or Bank, which use short codes (e.g. 55555) to send SMS for SMS verification will NOT be able to send messages to our phone numbers because they only accept real mobile number with active SIM card, not virtual mobile number.

If you have any questions about using our app, please go to "Contact Us" to leave message to us or write email to . We will get back to you as soon as possible. Thanks.