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Zoiper SoftPhone Settings for SIPPhone Call

Zoiper configuration

Zoiper is a FREE softphone, which allows you to make phone calls directly from your computer. It works on all most popular platform (Windows, Linux, Mac OS). It's compatible with TalkTT. If you don't have it installed on your computer, you can download it there : Zoiper download.

Once it is installed, follow our guide to get started. If you experience any issues, contact us at .

  1. When you first start Zoiper, it should greet you with a screen like this:

    zoiper setup

    You don’t need to use the Zoiper service, because you are TalkTT customer! So Select “I do not want to use this service”.
  2. Zoiper will display this screen to confirm. Select “I’m sure, take me to the manual setup” and “Don’t ask me this question again” and click “OK”.
    zoiper account
  3. Now click on “Zoiper” and select “Preferences” to bring up your Preferences.
    zoiper settings
  4. Select “Create new SIP account”. When the New Account box pops-up name it “TalkTT” and click “OK”. zoiper setup with TalkTT
  5. Now input your SIP account settings:
    • Domain:
    • Username: your TalkTT username
    • Password: your TalkTT password
    • Caller ID Name: your name

    Click on “Register” so the system knows to connect to TalkTT, and finally click on “OK”.

    zoiper sip settings

    If you are unsure of your TalkTT credentials, verify your welcome e-mail. You can also check your TalkTT username and password in your SIP Phone on

  6. Now Zoiper should be all set up and ready to use!
    An easy way to test a new setup is to call the TalkTT Talking Clock on 303 and find out what time it is.

    call with zoiper

Make sure that you do not have the same SIP account registered on two devices as it could cause sound quality problems.