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Xlite is a FREE softphone, which allows you to make phone calls directly from your computer. It's compatible with TalkTT. If you don't have it installed on your computer, you can download it there : Xlite 4 download.

Once it is installed, follow our guide to get started. If you experience any issues, contact us at or login to our web site to leave message for us.

  1. Click on SoftPhone (1st menu on the top) to display the menu and click on "Account Settings" as shown below.

    X-Lite configuration
  2. The screen below will be displayed.

    XLite SIP configuration
  3. You are now into the interface handling your account. You need to enter your TalkTT's details here:
    • Display name : Enter your name (ex: John Smith)
    • User name : Your TalkTT Username
    • Password : Your TalkTT Password
    • Authorization name : Leave blank
    • Domain : Enter as shown above
  4. Your phone is now ready to use. Your TalkTT Username should be displayed on the screen.

    Make sure that you do not have the same SIP account registered on two devices as it could cause sound quality problems.

  1. Need help? If you cannot get this to work try reading our SIP Phone FAQs or email